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I'm Dan Eumurian or “Dan the La Crosse Piano Man.” I've been a Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild since 1986 and have been playing, tuning, and teaching the piano for even longer! My hundreds of piano tuning clients currently include the Pumphouse Regional Arts Center, the Weber Center for the Performing Arts/La Crosse Community Theater, Le Chateau, the Waterfront, McPherson Studios and the La Crosse Public Library. I service pianos for schools, churches, institutions, families, and individuals throughout the Coulee/Seven Rivers region, in the greater La Crosse area, from Winona to Viroqua, Houston to Tomah, and beyond. I provide piano tuning, regulating, repair, and cleaning services. 

Before I start tuning your piano, I'll check it over for you. My goal is to make the greatest possible improvement at the lowest possible cost. If there is additional work I would recommend, I'll let you know before beginning the work. If you have children, I'd be delighted to meet them, and I'll invite them to play a song with me when I'm finished. 

When you call me at (608) 788-8637—that's 78-TUNER—or on my cell at (608) 790-8863, I'll ask you a couple of things about your piano: When was it last tuned? Do you notice any problems other than it being out of tune? I'm happy to work on virtually any piano. Contact me today to take a look at your piano! 

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Expert Service

I am a trained, experienced and insured piano technician.  I'll get your piano sounding, working and even looking better! 


I enjoy what I do, and I want my customers to enjoy having me around while I work. When I am in your home, I’ll happily answer any of your questions if you’d like.


As a member of the Piano Technicians Guild, I have been involved in a community of some the best piano technicians in the country. I will always show up on time and get the job done safely and efficiently.

My Piano Tuning and Repair Services Include:

Dan Eumurian Piano Service in La Crosse, WI, has been serving the region with expert piano services since 1981. I have been a proud Registered Piano Technician member of The Piano Technicians Guild since 1986, having passed written, technical and tuning exams.  From a professional tuning to regulating, repair or even cleaning, when you schedule an appointment with me, I will get your piano working and looking pristine again. 

The best preventive maintenance for a piano is to keep it near 42 percent relative humidity. I can advise you on where to place the piano and how to control the humidity in your home, if possible. In case it's advisable, I can install a Piano Life Saver® humidity control system. I have the highest certification from the manufacture, as a Field Expert in Piano Humidity Control and as a Certified Installer, and  have been installing systems for over 30 years. Controlling the humidity level inside your piano will help protect the wooden parts from damage and maximize tuning stability.

In order to become a Registered Piano Technician in The Piano Technicians Guild, one must pass multiple meticulous exams, and I am happy to be one of about 4,000 certified members. I am also a certified installer of the Piano Life Saver system which by controlling the humidity levels inside your piano will protect the wooden parts from damage and ensure that your playing is always comfortable and on pitch. 

I make pianos happy, pianos make people happy, and that makes me happy! Let's get started! I work by appointment only, so call me at (608) 788-8637, on my cell phone at (608) 790-8863, or you can send me an email at djeumurian@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. 

  • Piano Tuning
  • Piano Regulating and Repair
  • Piano Cleaning
  • Piano Lessons
  • Piano Sales, featuring premium quality, American made Charles R. Walter pianos

More information is available at www.ptg.org/document/piano-technicians-guild/173/ and www.PianoLifeSaver.com and my song publishing and performing website, www.PianosNSongs.com 

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